brands I've designed for
restaurant menu
greeting card
educational aids
website redesign
educational aids
Exhibition collateral
greeting card
brand interpretation
paper engineering
greeting card
branding update
educational activity
greeting card
paper engineering
mask and jigsaw
paper engineering
billboard and decals
scientific report
paper engineering
bilingual brochure
conference logo
display graphics
greeting card
display graphics
environmental health manuals
corporate collateral
business card
greeting card
annual report
greeting card
workshop flyer
cd cover & disc art
infrastructure project poster
yoga retreat flyer
business name, logo & DL flyer
112-page A5 catalogue
packaging redesign - heller
occupational health & safety campaign
packaging redesign - sunair
website interface update
brochure & sample card
existing brand packaging update - tiffany
A4 flip pad, A2 poster, pvc banner & standee
sample carrier direct mailer
brochure, folder & flyers
250x590mm tradeshow banners
promotional marketing tool
brochure, presenter & shelf talker
competition brochure & counter card
brochure with dieline to mimic pack & trade presenter
competition brochure & counter card
150-page catalogue cover & advertisement
120-page catalogue cover & advertisement
catalogue advertisments
A4 trifold newsletter
110-page catalogue cover
christmas cards
24-page brochure for the Chinese market
magazine advertisement
12-page brochure for the UK market
A4 competition flyer
interior design corporate identity
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